Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whats In Your Toolbox?

This week, I was taking photos of a bike to document the the work I was doing for my friend Ray and decided to shoot my toolbox. Its a fairly quick series of photos using a new camera and wasn't focusing on anything in particular. The photos were an afterthought really:
Toolbox Photoset on Flickr

I like toolboxes, and peering into another persons toolbox, whether they are a mechanic, crafter, or fisherman. It's a bit voyeuristic I guess; your mind wanders a little, wondering why they chose that tool, what that pointy thing over there does, how come that grime encrusted bit hasn't been cleaned off in a collection of otherwise well maintained tools. Many mechanic types have more than one metal box with spares, extras, backups and duplicates of certain tools out of necessity or nostalgia. For example, I have a few tools that belonged to my grandfather who passed away when I was a teen. They are nothing special in terms of what they do, but are a reminder of him. I will always keep that black rubber handled Philips head screwdriver and the small 8/10mm open ended wrench mixed in with the newer and shiny tools from Pedros and Park.

Later in the day I posted the set of photos to Flickr and then to the ibob list, just to get a response. Chuck Davis of Oklahoma Velo Sales  sent me a link to his blog about his toolbox. I thought that was a great idea, and decided I can/should do the same (Chuck- thanks for the inspiration!). The plan is to make some postings about the tools in my box, their migration to my hands, what I use them for, why I like one over the other, etc. I'll throw some other stuff in to make things interesting too. It might be the bikes I'm working on, projects I declare I will do, and maybe random political rants (I'll keep those down to the absolute minimum though).

What's in your toolbox?